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After twenty years leading teams and organizations of all sizes, Tim Mann now enjoys coming alongside other leaders and organizations in support of their own aspirations and dreams. Tim is a Leadership and Life Coach.  Whether it be providing coaching, consultation, or project management, Tim desires to help others fulfill their purpose and mission. Through acknowledging and taking full responsibility for personal and professional failings from the past, Tim continues to learn from these and works hard towards being a holistic and healthy leader. 

Tim Mann

Tim is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, and a graduate of Baylor University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education. He also has a Master of Music degree from Southwestern Baptist Seminary. Tim is
married to Ann Carol (a hospital chaplain) and has a daughter in graduate school and a son in college. He enjoys reading, listening, observing, running, family outings, traveling, playing golf, drinking coffee, and being with others.

Books Tim is currently reading and perusing (as of April 2019):

The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg

Atomic Habits, James Clear

Just Mercy, Bryan Stevenson

The Case for ChristLee Strobel

Undaunted Courage, Stephen Ambrose

The Bible

Everybody Always, Bob Goff

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, Greg McKeown

A Blueprint for War:  FDR and the Hundred Days That Mobilized America, Susan Dunn

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